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Sailing boat picture, framed using white mount and 756 Black frame.

Looks Absolutely Stunning!!


Two oceans marathon medals and photos,

Framed using cream mounts and 418 Grey frame.


Aston Villa shorts and socks framed.

Using blue, black and white mount board and 441 Pewter frame.


Childs signed football shirt, framed in pol 1060 and double White and black mounts


England Fishing Team Shirt and Medal, Framed in 411 Deep box frame with White and Black double mounts


Horse riding Jockey silk and hat. Framed with a pewter/Silver frame and White Mount.



Ice Hockey team shirt mounted in white then boxed framed in pol1060 black.

Wolves season tickets framed in black cube and double gold and black mount

Police medals and badge we framed using 418 natural  box frame and double Mount Record framed and mounted with 279 gold  and cream mount

Gold plated Playing cards which we mounted and framed using 140 Black cube.

Christening spoon which we framed using a box frame with slip inside to hold keep the glass from touching the spoon, Acid free mount board was also used.

Some old number plates we were asked to frame, we used black wood 441 frame, added a box spacer to keep the glass from touching the plates, and used a cream backing board to fix the plates onto.